About The Brand

Delphi is Pakistan's best kept secret in high-end apparel. With its unique blend of silk threads, hand embelishments (sequins, pearls, swarowski crystals and beaten metals)- Delphi is the master of silk crochet in Pakistan. Founded in 1994, Delphi has come into the forefront of fashion by mixing various mediums such as chiffons, fine silks- their 2013-14 collection is an amalgamation of two of Pakistan's finest workmanship- zardozi (gold thread) and crochet. Delphi;s style ethos is classic, less volume and more concentration on the essence of the woman. Delphi's versatility in design and cuts gives it an international appeal giving its clients the best of both worlds. Each handwoven silk crochet ensemble is made by hand and woven into shape by hand.

Like the oracle of the goddesses, Delphi is ethereal and pure. It epitomises the dreams and aspirations of the women of Kashmir and Punjab, who produce each crocheted piece meticulously, with great skill and artistic inspiration, a true labour of love. Every item is timeless, classic and one-of-a-kind.

Crochet is a centuries old craft of weaving thread into numerous floral and geometrical patterns. Some of the patterns resemble fruits and animals and are interwoven in such a manner that onlookers feel like they are witnessing a magical garden. This craft like all handicrafts is transferred from generation to generation.

Delphi is the only brand in Pakistan that has successfully been able to incorporate this craft into high end design and since its inception in 1994, has succeeded in making crochet as pliable as fabric. The 18-year-old label offers a wide range of styles; it’s lines varying from casual and party wear; to wedding and trousseau items.

Delphi brings to light some of the most intricate workmanship this country has to offer, in a modern package. Working its way in to chic coats, tunics and cocktail dresses, Delphi showcases the crochet’s global appeal. It also contains smart eastern wear, where traditional methods of crochet are amped up, from the simple weave to double floral weave, integrating it with luxe embellishments such as pearls, metals and regal silks among other things.
Celebrate local artisans and global workmanship with Delphi.